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Welcome To Felix Wrestling Academy

The Felix Wrestling Academy is a Morgantown-based youth wrestling organization, whose mission is to provide world-class training opportunities for all ages and skill level wrestlers. We want to inspire and develop our young athletes in our communities through hard work and discipline.

Weekly Schedule
Tue & Thu – 6:00p-7:30p
Sat – 11:00a-12:30p

Building A Strong Foundation For The Community By Motivating And Inspiring Our Youth







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I am a strong believer in surrounding yourself with many different coaches, as well as different training partners. As a wrestler, you need to continually evolve and find different techniques that work for you. It’s important to never allow your fears and insecurities define your boundaries, be a student of the sport and continue to expand your knowledge. Never stop learning how to improve.

Now Offering Team Discounts (8+)

Middle School And High School Coaches Listen Up!

Receive a discount by signing up 8 or more of your wrestlers to the academy.

Contact coach Felix for more information.

"The Father/Son camp at the Felix Academy is a great experience for any wrestling family. You can’t beat spending time, having fun, and bonding with your kids; all while learning about the sport you all love. Danny runs a great room and brings in people that keep the kids engaged, teach them unique techniques, and help them grow as wrestlers. I can’t say enough good things about this camp or about the Felix Academy family!!! They are the best!!"Craig Sandy, Parkersburg WV

"Sawyer, 11 and Sully, 9 have been to Felix Intensive Camp 2 yrs in a row now. Their first time at Felix Camp was also the first time they had ever been away from home for a week without us. They not only loved it, but they asked to go back again the next year! They look forward to seeing the coaching staff and other campers now as if it's a family reunion when they go. Felix Camp provides a legitimately challenging environment where advanced wrestlers can be pushed beyond their comfort zone (which is hard to find), while also providing the kids with fun and recreation every day. We have peace of mind knowing our kids are in good hands with Danny, Cherri and all the staff and we plan to continue making Felix Camp an annual tradition for Sawyer and Sully."Tristan Bond, Parent

"Coach Felix has helped progress as a wrestler through style, breakdowns, drilling, and endurance. A great teacher and coach! He challenges me every practice to be my best when I step on the mat. Coach Felix has prepared me to become a champion!"John Martin, Best 4X Fargo All American, WV State Champion, 2019 Team USA Cadet Pan American Gold Medalist

"The best thing about Danny Felix is you get two for one. A top notch coach and a great friend. He is a guy who truly loves the kids and would do what it takes to make them a winner... on and off the mat."Larry J. Bush Jr., Lewis County HS, RLBMS Wrestling Academy

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